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Innovative DICOM software for medical imaging Professionals

At Santesoft we develop commercial and free medical imaging (PACS and DICOM) software for hospitals, universities, radiologists, radiological technologists, RIS and PACS maintainers, DICOM specialists and any other medical imaging professionals and students.

Our software is designed and implemented with the most advanced programming tools (Microsoft Visual C++ and Direct3D 10/11) and is the result of research and development on DICOM imaging of the last two decades. Furthermore, it is the most powerful and complete software that is available, illustrating the cutting-edge technology in this domain.

Our team consists of Biomedical Engineers, Software Engineers and Developers, Support Engineers, and experienced Radiologists. Our goal from the first time, back to 1999, was to develop fast, stable, reliable, easy to use and feature-rich medical imaging tools.

Today, our products are used by leading hospitals, universities and industries from all over the world, and enjoy their trust.

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