Sante DICOM Viewer

Sante DICOM Viewer
Sante DICOM Viewer
Sante DICOM Viewer
Sante DICOM Viewer
Sante DICOM Viewer

Medical software design and development
Since 1999

Sante DICOM Viewer

Sante DICOM Viewer is a medical image viewer developed since 1999 and it is one of the most popular DICOM viewers worldwide. Thanks to its extensive feature-set, unparalleled stability and easiness of use, it is the DICOM viewer of choice of the greatest universities and hospitals of the world.

By having all the capabilities of a powerful DICOM workstation, it allows the user to work smoothly in a multi-modality, multi-manufacturer environment. Sante DICOM Viewer is essential not only to Radiologists but to any specialist that receives patient images from collaborating labs in DICOM format in everyday practice.

Sante DICOM Viewer is Windows 10,8,7 and Vista compatible, and it supports all the modalities (CT, MR, US, CR, NM, XA, MG, DX etc.), all the manufacturers, and all the DICOM file types (DICOM 3.0/NEMA 2).

What is new in the last version

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Sante DICOM Viewer Sante DICOM Viewer
The main interface

The program supports all the modalities
Sante DICOM Viewer Sante DICOM Viewer
The series mode

The user can adjust the screen layout

Sante DICOM Viewer Sante DICOM Viewer
The Multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) mode

Ultrasound region calibration module support

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Features and benefits

Do you need a DICOM editor?

Sante DICOM Editor can edit DICOM files, it can convert images and videos to DICOM format and much more.

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Perpetual license: free updates, maintenance and support

Our customers (of any type of license) don't have to pay again and again for the same application every year, because our software is one time purchase and it is free of update/maintenance/support or hidden fees. Any new version is a free update for all previous version's users, and works with the same license key.

"Per User" licenses

The single user licenses are "per user" and not "per machine".
The user can install the software with the same user license key, on any computer he/she own (at work, at home office, in a laptop).
There is no need for a separate license purchase for each computer of the same user, or when the user changes an old computer with a new one.

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